A creative mind, with great desire and skills to strengthen and shape the visual universe across media.


Skills and experience
I have a degree from The Graphic Arts Institute and a Master in Cross Media Communication. More than twenty years with leadership responibilities as Creative Director at: The Royal Danish Theatre, Aller Media, Cowi and Misfit.

As the creator of several apps containing interactive digital published magazine within my company Misfit, I have maintained my curiosity and skills as one of Scandinavia most experienced new thinkers and a pioneer into the digital road.

→ HOLMDAL PETERSEN / Coordinated Graphic Design
→ 2005 – → Owner and Creative Director
I provide creative coordinated graphic solutions, across media. Print design and  digital app magazines, interactive ads, print info-graphics and branding materials. Rethinking complex websites, and reconstruction of content and redesign of information flow.
KEY REFERENCES: Sampension, Go Traveling Magazine, Center for Offentlig Kompetenceudvikling COK, Apollo, Spies, Århus Media / Jyllandsposten, Københavns Kommune.
→ MISFIT / Digital publishing house
→ 2012 – 2016 → Partner and Creative Director
Developing and creating user centred design for digital born magazines. Creating and managing teams and workflow, in the upstart of 5 digital magazines, extended with well-visited websites. Creating interactive adds for the new platform and including client publishing digital magazine to the portfolio.
KEY REFERENCES: The magazines: Input mag, Stream mag, Inshape mag, Grape, Stream Sweden, Kontor, Go Traveling DK, SV and international edition. THE KEY ADVERT CLIENTS: Sony, Microsoft, B&O, Samsung, Huawei, Libratone, Jabra.
→ COWI / Leading Consulting group
→ 2011 – 2012 → Creative partner
I was asked to lead, develop and implement the new CVI (corporate visual identity) globally in the organisation. Visualizing the company’s new vision and strategy, including image and creative direction; and to manage and develop resources to optimize the graphic productions, including the redesign of the client magazine, 360° and the internal communication magazine. Implementing the CVI in the global website and intranet.
→ ALLER MEDIA / Publishing concern
→ 2006 – 2008 → Creative Director
As the first hired Creative director of a new concern strategy, with magazine units instead of individual magazine departments, i was uniting three magazines together (Mad & Bolig, Antik & Aktion and Living Design), with 5 graphic designers, an creating a vision and a constructive workflow involving the designers and the editorial staff. To keep hands-on the daily production i single-handed designed Living Design and was in the editorial selection group. Apart from leading the daily workflow, i was also connected ti Aller Medias Future Lab, with the task of consulting for the rebranding of some of their magazines, Femina, Isabellas and Gravid, and worked on the first Danish edition of Elle.
→ 1993 – 2005 → Creative Director
I was 12 inspiring years at The Royal Danish Theatre. My key role was building up a graphics intern department. Collecting and structuring of all graphic tasks, which at that time was divided into 12 different external agencies, structuring the production and budget management. Throughout the years, I handled the role of graphic project manager for both internal and external stakeholders. I have independently or in teams developed, coordinated and produced countless graphic productions to diverse audiences. And in addition, been an important player in the development and implementation of the theatre’s overall communication strategy.

University of Copenhagen
→ 2005 – 2007 → Cross Media Communication
→ Master Degree

Den Grafiske Højskole
→ 1987 – 1989 → Graphic Designer